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The property at 71 Steinwehr Avenue, currently the Dobbin House Tavern Gettystown Inn has a most interesting history. The owner, Jacqueline White, commissioned historical consultant Elwood Christ to do a research paper on the property and its building in 1996.

The owners of the property have been as follows:

17?? - 1760 William Bones
1760 – 1776 John Carson
1776 – 1825 Alexander Dobbin Family
1825 – 1840 Thomas Miller
1840 – 1861 Conrad Snyder
1861 – 1866 James Pierce
1866 – 1872 John Rupp
1872 – 1888 Jacob Benner
1888 – 1894    Lydia Leister
1894 – 1920 Annie and John Toot
1920 – 1931 Ida Toot
1931 – 1985 Harold Carbaugh
1985 – present    Jacqueline White

The story of the origin of the building on the property begins in 1861 when the widow of James Leister, Lydia purchased a nine-acre farm with a small log house on the Taneytown Road, mile south of Gettysburg. She moved in with her six children, the youngest being only three years old.

Only two years later, she was forced out of her home when the American Civil War came right to her doorstep. During the Battle of Gettysburg, the Union forces were positioned in a "fish hook" shaped line several miles long and Lydia’s home was located in the center of this line. The Union Commanding General, George Meade, chose her house for his headquarters.

Lydia and her children did so well rebuilding the farm from the devastation resulting for the war, that they were able to purchase an additional seven acres in 1868. In 1874 they built a large two-story addition to the farmhouse.

Reaching the age of 79 in 1888, Lydia decided to sell her farm to the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association and move into the town of Gettysburg. She must have had a great affection for her home for she decided to take it with her. She purchased a lot near the Dobbin House on the Emmitsburg Road and here she moved the 1874 section of her home. After the move, she built a two-story addition to the rear of the home. Here Lydia lived until her death in 1893.

Almost a hundred years later, the house was turned into the Dobbin House Tavern Gettystown Inn Bed and Breakfast.

In 1998 the Inn was renovated to match the layout when the house adjoined General Meade’s Headquarters.


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